Take the guesswork out of a healthier way of living

You are one of a kind. The way to a life in balance is not a one size fits all, quick fix. It’s a very personal journey and we are here to give you the directions.

Moving the needle from guess-based to test-based nutrition is at the core of what we do. That is why our all-natural, scientifically proven supplements are tailored for you personally. And, why we will always give you proof in writing that they are doing their job.


Our tests deliver the results of your cellular health- a simple pin-prick blood test will be taken and sent away for screening.

Research shows that every single one of us is deficient in omega 3 which plays a hugely important role in keeping us healthy.

The results from the balance test can tell you about

  1. Your cellular protection – this shows you what state your cells are in and if your body is overworking to compensate for the damage being caused.
  2. Your cardiovascular health – this is your heart health.
  3. Your neurological health- this is your brain health.
  4. Your absorption in your cells – this tells you if you have all the 11 essential fatty acids.


Test-based nutrition has the direction – supplements made for you, nobody else

The more individual the approach, the better and more sustainable the results. A scientific reading of your body’s status, along with nutritional supplements targeted towards your personal needs is a game-changing approach to health. Zinzino has been driving it since 2012. Today, Zino is considered the pioneer in the field having performed close to a million fatty acid-dried blood spot tests across the world, continuously adding new tests to the portfolio to strengthen their dynamic and empowering nutrition strategy.

Take the test. Start the journey

We want you to skip the trial-and-error and find your very best way to better health. That is why our dried blood spot tests are a natural starting point. You get the facts straight and we get to guide you along. We give you supplements tailored to your specific needs and help you stay on the right track all the way.

Start your journey towards a life in balance with a scientific and confidential at-home dried blood spot test. Find out the status of your body and what supplements you might need. Take the test again every 4 months to track your progress and adjust your intake if need be.





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